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 About Prostate Cancer

What is the prostate gland? 
What is the cancer of prostate? 
What are the symptoms of the disease?
How is prostate cancer diagnosed? 
What is the staging of the disease?
How I can detect the disease earlier? 
Who is at risk of developing prostate cancer?

 About Prostate Cancer Treatment

How is prostate cancer treated? 
How is surgery used in the treatment of prostate cancer? 
How is radiotherapy used for prostate cancer? 
Shall I receive radioactive seed implant? 
Is hormonal therapy necessary for me? 
What is cryotherapy and how it is used? 
Treatment for prostate cancer by stage.
What are the side effects from treatment?

 About Clinical Trials for Prostate Cancer

Are there studies available for prostate cancer?
Questions to ask before participating a trial. 
How do I take part in the clinical trial? 

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